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  • 8:15 AM - 5:45 PM
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  • 8:15 AM - 5:45 PM
  • 8:15 AM - 5:45 PM
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Your Eye Exam?

What's Involved?

In a Comprehensive Eye Exam

This exam is akin to your patient health history. Much more involved than the ones they do at your child's school. It alerts the doctor to conditions that should be monitored, like allergies, family history... More+

Heard of Transitions?


Transitions® Lenses

They are photochromic lenses that are clear until dangerous ultraviolet radiation (UV) is present. Once outdoors, the brighter the sun the darker Transitions® Lenses become. They turn as dark as sunglasses by... More+

Dry Eye Disease

What are Your Symptoms?

Dry Eye Syndrome (DES)

It is a chronic condition that develops when your eyes do not produce and maintain enough tears to keep the eye’s surface lubricated. It's symptoms change from person to person from, itchy eyes, watery, dry... More+