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Frame and Lens Warranties


Most frames purchased from Cove Eyecare are warranted against manufacturer’s defects for one year!


Our lenses are warranted according to material and lens treatments. For example, plastic lenses with Anti Scratch Treatment are warranted for one time in one year replacement. Trivex / Phoenix lenses have an unlimited 2 Year Warranty. Your specific warranty will be reviewed as you complete your eyewear selection.

Contact Lens Warranties

Contact Lens Prescriptions

Contact lens prescriptions are valid for one year for the lenses specified. The contact lens evaluation fee includes; testing performed to determine if your eyes are in the proper condition for contact lens wear, determination of the type, curvature, diameter and power of your contacts, diagnostic lenses as necessary, and one month of contact lens related Follow Up visits. Basic examinations can be upgraded to include contacts within 30 days for an additional charge.

The Disposable Contact Lens Guarantee

We offer free diagnostic contact lenses for disposable or frequently replaced lenses during our fitting period to ensure proper fit, vision and comfort. We encourage at least one follow up visit to verify that the contact lens prescription is as precise as possible and the fit is optimal. If we need to adjust the prescription or fit at the follow up evaluation, we will provide you with an additional diagnostic lens at no extra charge.