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Advantages of Buying Eyewear from Your Local Optometrist

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Shopping online is common nowadays, and there are many online sites to purchase eyeglasses. However, is it really a smart idea to buy your frames online? While it may be convenient to shop in your pajamas, it may not be best for your vision and eye health!

To help you understand the advantages and importance of buying eyeglasses locally in Copperas Cove, we’ve outlined the basic pros and cons of online shopping for eyewear:

Cons of Purchasing Eyeglasses from a Website

  • You can’t ask a friend or optician for a first-hand opinion of how you look
  • Impersonal shopping experience, with no caring optician or customer service that listens to your visual and lifestyle needs
  • No eye doctor will measure your pupillary distance or bridge span precisely to ensure an optimal fit; with online shopping, you’re on your own
  • Many optical stores have special deals with the eyeglass manufacturers. When you buy eyeglasses in our Copperas Cove store, we offer savings and rebates that are only available locally. Therefore, while the initial price on your computer screen may appear lower, your final cost will often be less expensive when you buy from our store.
  • Numerous studies report that over half of eyeglasses purchased online had an incorrect prescription or incorrect fit – leading to blurry vision or headaches
  • Returns are difficult
  • Not all websites accept insurance

Pros of Purchasing Eyeglasses from a Website

  • Price comparison is easy, and you can examine the selection available on many different websites at once
  • The array of styles, shapes, decorative features and colors is unlimited
  • No travel time
  • Shoppers claim that many online prices are lower

Benefits of Buying Eyeglasses in Copperas Cove

In our friendly local office, we aim to satisfy your vision requirements and keep your eyes as healthy as can be. This is in direct contrast to broad retail websites, where the goal is simply to sell eyeglasses.

Remember – even if your new frames make a great fashion accessory, they still need to maximize your healthy vision! Once you put your new eyeglasses on your face, you need an experienced, professional optometrist to evaluate the fit. Our eye doctors and optical staff are here to keep an eye on the appearance, long lasting quality and visual function of your eyeglasses!