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What is an Autorefractor?

We use an autorefractor in Copperas Cove as part of your eye exam!

An autorefractor is a device that can help determine your vision prescription without asking you for feedback. By measuring the length of your eye and calculating the curvature of your eyes’ surface, the autorefractor generates the basis for your precise prescription. This procedure comprises the first part of your eye exam in our contemporary eye care clinic, located near Ft. Hood, TX.

Determining Your Vision Prescription

With the autorefractor results in hand, our optometrist will then use a phoropter to verify your final vision prescription. You will look through a series of lenses and our eye doctor will ask you to state which lens is clearer. While autorefractors can find your refractive error (this refers to how much correction you need to achieve sharp vision), the phoropter exam uses subjective information to add additional information and a more detailed prescription. The gold standard for determining your vision prescription depends upon a combination of the results from the autorefractor and the phoropter.

How Does Our Refractor in Copperas Cove Work?

You will need to sit, place your chin in a comfortable chin rest and look straight ahead into the machine. You’ll see either a picture, such as a farmhouse in a field, or a point of light that appears to be far away. As you focus on this spot, the autorefractor will measure the visual correction that is required for you to focus clearly. The whole process takes only 5 to 10 seconds per eye. Once we have the results, our optometrist will convert the measurements into your prescription for eyeglasses.

Special Benefits of an Autorefractor

As a family-friendly optometry practice, our eye doctor treats patients of all ages. It can be challenging for small children to sit still during an eye exam, or to communicate information about their vision. Many kids, as well as adults with special needs, cannot accurately answer all the questions that we must ask when using a phoropter. Fortunately, the autorefractor enables us to obtain an accurate prescription for our younger patients and non-responders – while also creating a positive eye exam experience!

We invite you to experience our efficient eye care services and the latest technology. We will use our autorefractor in Copperas Cove, TX, as a part of your eye exam. Located near Ft. Hood, we are proud to serve the Ft. Hood Military Base with expert eye exams and outstanding vision care! Contact us to reserve your eye exam today.