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Styes, Chalazions, and Your Eye Doctor in Copperas Cove, TX

Have you noticed around your eye there is abnormal swelling or bulging? Depending upon the location, this could be a chalazion or a stye. A chalazion is often around the external edge of the eye, while a stye rests right on the eyelid. While these symptoms or conditions are not urgent eye emergency, they should be brought to the care of a local optometrist as soon as possible. These conditions, while possibly temporary, can be signs of:

  • Poor hygiene around the face.
  • Blocked meibomian glands (where your tears are produced).
  • A result of another eye condition that’s causing the inflammation.

A chalazion or stye can take a number of weeks until they fade, yet an optometrist can guide you on how to treat the condition quickly. The healing process can be expedited through gentle cleaning with mild soap and water or a warm compress. Your eye doctor can also prescribe local medical ointments or antibiotic eye cream as required.

Unlike pimples, never pop a stye or a chalazion as this will worsen the condition.

For more medical eye care, contact our practice today to schedule an eye exam to treat your stye or chalazion.

Presbyopia is a natural result of the aging process and not much can be done to prevent it.