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Macular Degeneration – Your Medical Team

optometrist, old couples with macular degeneration sitting in Copperas Cove, TX

We work with your retinal specialist to monitor macular degeneration

A diagnosis of macular degeneration can be overwhelming. What is this eye disease, and who is the best doctor to monitor and treat it? Really, having a team of dedicated medical professionals working together to monitor and treat this eye disease is the ideal solution. At Cove Eyecare, our Copperas Cove, Texas, eye doctor will collaborate closely with your retinal specialist to optimize your care.

What is a retinal specialist?

A retinal specialist is an ophthalmologist, a medical doctor, who has completed a fellowship in retinal diseases for one or two years after finishing a residency in ophthalmology. This MD is specially trained to treat retinal problems, perform advanced laser procedures and other surgeries (such as vitrectomy), and administer specialized treatments like intraocular injections.

Why do you need more than one doctor when you have macular degeneration?

Our patients often question why they need both an optometrist and a retinal specialist to monitor macular degeneration. Basically, it’s because this eye disease requires expert care for two conditions: 1) the macular degeneration, and 2) the vision loss that can result from this eye disease.

The macula is a part of the retina, and a retinal specialist is highly qualified and experienced in treating macular degeneration as it progresses. However, a retinal specialist is primarily concerned with treating your ocular medical condition – and less concerned about the quality of your eyesight and any resulting vision loss. Our Copperas Cove, Texas, eye doctor will focus on helping you with any visual issues caused by macular degeneration.

In addition, it is more efficient, comfortable, and convenient to visit our local eye care center for regular eye exams, instead of trying to get routine appointments with a busy retinal specialist.

How do we partner with your retinal specialist?

Our eye doctor uses advanced diagnostic technologies to perform regular comprehensive eye exams for every patient – before and after a diagnosis of macular degeneration. These eye exams are critical for detecting eye disease and for monitoring the state of your macular degeneration after a diagnosis.

If we detect any changes in your ocular condition during your routine office visit, we will notify your retinal specialist, who will then determine if you need a change in treatment. The information that we provide can help support your retinal specialist with the medical details needed to customize your treatment. If necessary, the retinal specialist can then administer precise medical care to treat your macular degeneration.

If you suffer from vision loss due to macular degeneration, our Copperas Cove, Texas, an optometrist will fit you with the most suitable low vision devices to maximize your remaining sight.

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