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Digital Eyestrain & How to Prevent It

Eye Care, Man using laptop in Copperas Cove, Texas

We Offer Crizal Prevencia Blue Light Blocking Lenses in Copperas Cove

Computers, smartphones, e-readers, tablets… all of these digital devices add convenience and ease to our daily lives. However, they also pose risks to your health – in particular, to your eye health. Blue light is emitted by almost all electronic LED devices, is a potential hazard to your vision. Overexposure to these artificial sources of blue light can lead to digital eyestrain and computer vision. And nowadays, it is estimated that most people spend about 12 hours per day in front of a screen, so overexposure to blue light s common!

How can blue light bother vision?

Blue light is a high energy light with a short wavelength. These type of rays scatter more easily, making it harder for your eyes to focus. When you gaze at a digital screen, blue light reduces the contrast and can flicker subtly, contributing to eye fatigue. After a few hours sitting in front of a computer at a mid-range distance, you may experience dry eyes, irritation, blurry vision, headaches, and eye fatigue. These are all symptoms of digital eyestrain.

Specialized lenses technologies, such as Crizal Prevencia blue blocker lenses, can relieve many of these uncomfortable symptoms caused by blue light. We are proud to offer Crizal lenses in our Copperas Cove optical store.

Introducing Crizal Prevencia

This transparent lens coating is crafted with advanced engineering that selectively filters out blue light, thereby improving visual comfort and reducing eyestrain. At the same time, Crizal blue-blocking lenses allow non-harmful light rays to pass through smoothly, enabling the crispest vision possible. They are also non-glare, giving you optimal vision in all lighting conditions. In addition, Crizal lenses are resistant to scratches, smudges, dust, and water.

By choosing Crizal Prevencia lenses, you are choosing to enhance your vision, protect your eyes against digital eyestrain, and preserve your long-term ocular health. We offer a variety of premium lenses in our Copperas Cove eye care office, and these eyeglasses lenses can be combined with Crizal Prevencia to give you ultimate protection against harmful blue light, while still allowing healthy rays to pass through.

Dr. Micheline Young and our Cove Eyecare staff have been providing Copperas Cove, Killeen, Ft. Hood, Lampasas, and the surrounding communities in central Texas with sharp and healthy vision for over 20 years! In keeping with our dedication to bringing you the latest technologies and products, we offer many advanced lenses technologies, such as Crizal Prevencia to alleviate digital eyestrain.

  • Today many of us spend hours every day in front of digital screens such as tablets, smartphones and computers. The blue light these devices emit can be dangerous for our eyes. What are the rsisks, and how can we prevent them?