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Digital Lenses vs. Standard Lenses for Eyeglasses

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Are you the type of person who is always first to try new products or do you prefer to stick with what you know, even if it’s “old-fashioned”?

When it comes to eyeglasses, people who are more pioneering have likely already purchased digital lenses and experienced how they enhance visual clarity. Yet, if you’re the other type and need to be convinced that digital lenses are indeed better (and not just a newfangled technology with no real benefits), read on. Our Copperas Cove eye doctor explains all about digital lenses and how they are superior to standard lenses for eyeglasses.

What are digital lenses?

Digital eyeglasses lenses, also called “free-form” lenses, are high-definition eyewear. While most standard lenses are made using an abrasive grinding process, digital lenses are crafted with the help of advanced laser technology. This method relies upon computer-controlled surfacing equipment that makes lenses that are close to six times clearer than traditional eyeglasses lenses.

Why is digital fabrication technology better?

Using lasers and computers to produce digital lenses is certainly more modern, but that still doesn’t explain how the finished product is better than standard lenses. First of all, the equipment is much more precise. Digital technology enables surfacing of your lenses in power increments of 0.01 diopter, in comparison with traditional eyeglasses lenses that can only be constructed in 0.125 to 0.25 diopter increments.

In order to create your digital lenses, our Copperas Cove optician will use a specialized device to scan your eyes and record numerous data points of each eye. This type of mapping enables the detection of minute variations in the shape and surface of your eye, which is how digital lenses achieve optimal precision.

Along with ultimate precision, digital lenses can also be customized better to fit each individual and taking the following into account:

  • Lenses position in your eyeglasses frames
  • Size of your frames
  • Different viewing angles, such as looking to the side vs. straight in front of you
  • Position of your pupil within the outline of your glasses frames

Altogether, this means you will see a wider field of view with impeccable clarity when you look through your digital lenses. Images will be sharper, and you’ll be able to differentiate subtleties between dark and light more easily.

Are digital lenses available for all eyeglasses prescriptions?

Cove Eye Care in Copperas Cove, TX | Woman blonde putting in contact lensYes, almost everybody who wears prescription glasses can benefit. In our Copperas Cove optical store, we offer a range of types of digital lenses, including high-index, single-vision, tinted, anti-reflective, photochromic, and progressive lenses. Non-prescription digital lenses with built-in blue-light protection are also available for computer usage. No matter which kind of eyeglasses you require, your digital lenses will be thin and lightweight for ultimate comfort.

Progressive Digital Lenses

People who need progressive lenses will love the enhanced vision offered by digital lenses. In contrast to standard progressive lenses that are made using pre-molded generic templates, digital progressive lenses are customized for every individual. The transition between near and distance vision is seamless.

Advanced Digital Lenses in Copperas Cove

With the continuing success of digital lenses, standard lenses for eyeglasses will probably become obsolete within the near future. But there’s no reason to wait until that happens before giving this new technology a try! To enjoy the benefits of digital lenses now and with your own eyes, visit Cove Eye Care to purchase new eyeglasses. We are pleased to serve Copperas Cove, Killeen, Ft. Hood, Lampasas, and all surrounding neighborhoods in central Texas with the clearest vision possible!