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A Wellness Eye Exam for Children

a very happy girl, Eye exam for children in Copperas Cove, TX

From a quick voice search on a smartphone, parents can access a wealth of material regarding their own eye health as well as their children. However, the overabundance of information can easily mislead parents and even practitioners to simplify the need for regular checkups and eye exams. Even when a child undergoes their first eye exam without any signs of vision problems, children still need to have regular eye exams as they grow older and their vision changes. While adults may enjoy more stable vision, children are still growing, which means their vision is more susceptible and more sensitive to change. The Academy of Optometric Associates (AOA) recommends that children should at the very least see an eye doctor every other year. A child with an eye condition should see an eye doctor annually or as recommended by their optometrist.

A Wellness Eye Exam is one of our most popular services at Cove Eyecare. We understand that vision can fluctuate in children, and eye diseases can creep up in older patients. That's why we developed a shorter version of our comprehensive eye exam that can assess your eye health conveniently. Not only will this benefit the wellness of your family's vision, but you can place your vision and trust in our expert optometrist, Dr. Micheline Young.

As an award-winning eye care facility for over 25 years in the metroplex area, Dr. Micheline Young OD has provided comprehensive eye exams for children and adults.

Our patients appreciate the attentiveness and devotion shared by our eye doctor and staff on their visits, and even when they come in for a wellness eye exam, they know that we'll do our best to evaluate your eye health.

Eye exam for Children, Optometrist in Copperas Cove, TX

The Wellness Eye Exam is part of the way we structured our practice. We hope to address the visual needs and budgets for patients of all backgrounds. We certainly encourage many of our patients to consider a comprehensive eye exam, especially when someone has a family history of eye disease or may show signs of poor eye health. Including digital retinal imaging to an eye exam for even children is an advanced method to document and analyze your eye health that the naked eye may not detect as easily. This ensures our eye doctor has the best opportunity to locate any signs of ocular disease, tumors, or other eye conditions.