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Why Choose Designer Eyeglasses Over Cheaper Options?

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In today’s day and age, we all experience an incredible breadth of choice in every aspect of our lives. Choosing from the wide range of eyeglass frames out there today is no exception. An incredible variety of colors, styles and designs are available at your fingertips, at every possible price point. Among these options are many high-quality designer frames, which are often imitated by more affordable alternatives that look to be of similar quality, but many times are not.

Though generic eyeglass frames may at first seem to be a sound budget-conscious choice, a few factors actually make designer frames much more cost-effective in the long term. Our eye care team explains why, below:

Designer Frames Last Longer

Not all generic frames are up to the task of lasting through the excessive wear and tear of everyday use. This is especially true of children, who are not always responsible in how they handle their glasses, often wearing their glasses in situations or leaving them in places where they could easily be bent or broken.

Designer frames are very often manufactured to higher quality standards. They tend to last longer, even when subjected to the type of mishandling and abuse that might destroy frames made to less rigorous standards. Longer lasting frames mean that they need to be replaced less often, saving you money.

Designer Frames Offer A Wider Selection

Relying only on generic alternatives to designer frames can turn out to be quite limiting. Designer glasses often offer a much wider selection, which allows you to find frames that suit your needs and personal preferences.

Get The Most Out Of Your Eyeglasses

While designer glasses are often more expensive than basic, they are likely well worth the added cost. Higher quality glasses last longer, and a broader selection means that you’re getting exactly the glasses you’re looking for.

Want to learn more about designer glasses and how they can benefit you? Contact our eye care team at today!


What materials are best for eyeglass frames?

What material you choose for your eyeglass frames depends largely on what you need from your eyeglasses. If you’re looking for durability against wear and tear, metals such as titanium and aluminum can be comfortable lightweight options. If you’re looking for affordability, plastics such as zylonite or blended nylon are great options.

How do I know what eyeglass frames look best on me?

Many factors play into which frames would look best on you. Face shape can influence which shape and design looks good on you, while eye color and skin complexion can determine what the best color would be. Our optician has experience helping people find just the right frames for their needs and personal style.