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New Tech that is Worth Looking At!

Allergan Dry Eye Device Receives FDA Approval

Dry eye is a hot topic, with a countless number of patients visiting our eye doctor for dry eye treatment in Copperas Cove. At present, there are various treatment options, primarily including warm compresses, punctal plugs, lubricating eye drops, gels and ointments. Yet the development and approval of TrueTear may offer a new, alternative way to relieve the irritating symptoms of dry eyes. Our optometrist, Dr. Micheline D. Young, stays focused on all the latest developments and technology in optometry, and TrueTear deserves a closer look!

The TrueTear Intranasal Tear Neurostimulator, released by Allergan PLC, uses electrical stimulation to increase tear production temporarily. According to Allergan, it is the first and singular FDA-cleared device that applies neurostimulation for the sake of triggering natural tears. Neurostimulation is already used effectively and widely in other areas, such as movement disorder treatment and as a method of pain control.

What is TrueTear?

It is a non-surgical, handheld stimulator that must be inserted into the nasal cavity to apply neurostimulation. Your tear film is comprised of 3 components, all of which have nerves and a reflex pathway that can be activated. In case the thought of putting this tool in your nose has you scared about hygiene, don’t worry - it comes with daily disposable tips.

Allergan PLC is based in Dublin, Ireland, yet they have a Specialized Therapeutics unit in Irvine, CA, with innovative departments in eye care, therapeutics and aesthetic medicine. TrueTear is one creative example of a technological breakthrough designed by Allergan for eye care professionals.

Does it work, and is it safe?

According to Allergan, two clinical research studies demonstrated the positive effectiveness of this nifty device. 145 patients with dry eye participated in the study, and they experienced a temporary rise in tear production.

TrueTear is non-invasive and drug-free, with a high level of patient safety. Additionally, patients can treat themselves with this system, which makes it very convenient.

If you suffer from dry eye in Copperas Cove, don’t suffer alone! Visit Dr. Micheline Young to ask about the best dry eye treatment to alleviate your pain.