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Introducing Prevent Blindness Texas

Learn About this Inspiring Eye Care Initiative

By Dr. Micheline D. Young

It is wonderful to see how one organization can achieve so much towards promoting healthy vision! As the eye doctor at Cove Eyecare in Copperas Cove, Texas, I am always looking out for local and statewide healthcare initiatives. On a community level, our optometry office promotes regular eye exams in Copperas Cove, which is the only way to ensure early detection of any ocular conditions that may threaten your vision. On a larger scale, Prevent Blindness Texas promotes widespread patient education about how to care properly for your eyes. I admire the dynamic ambition and extraordinary success of this organization.

Prevent Blindness Texas has one primary focus – to prevent blindness and preserve quality vision. Since 1956, they have been active in educating Texans about proper eye healthcare. This incredible, voluntary healthcare initiative is the leading eye health and safety organization in the state. They have demonstrated that raising public awareness through education is one of the most powerful ways to make a difference.

Prevent Blindness Texas runs various education initiatives. They organize and hold informative workshops, such as the “Diabetic Eye Disease Educator Program”. This valuable course teaches health personnel about the many ways in which diabetes can affect the eyes. Another one of their successful programs for adults is the “Healthy Eyes Educational Series”, which involves teaching about age-related ocular conditions via innovative education modules.

Children need clear vision to develop, learn, and maximize their potential. Prevent Blindness Texas works hard to make sure every child benefits from optimal eyesight. Their “Star Pupils School Curriculum” was designed to provide teachers with the best resources for students to learn about top eye safety and health. Prevent Blindness also strives to give kids direct access to professional eye care, such as our office in Copperas Cove. Along with many national partnerships, they distributed over 300 free eye exam and eyeglass vouchers to kids in the past year!

Early detection of vision conditions goes very far towards preventing ocular complications and vision loss. This organization sets up vision screenings and risk evaluations for the public, and they raise the bar on quality control by certifying vision screeners with all the skills necessary to do an accurate job! They also train the screening staff to spot any potential problems that require a referral for an eye exam. With their far-reaching network of offices and volunteers, Prevent Blindness Texas has made great strides towards ensuring that people don’t lose their eyesight due to ignorance and unsafe practices.

I am personally inspired by Prevent Blindness Texas. As an optometrist in Copperas Cove, I feel proud and privileged to help people maximize their vision – and there is no greater reward than that!